60 Day De-cluttering Mastermind

De-clutter your entire home in 60 days!

with Jacinta Pierce – The Decadent Minimalist

I know that these things are possible for you too! A few years ago I was right where you are now. I had a toddler who could destroy things faster than a cyclone (I actually nicknamed him Cyclone Lincoln) I was planning my dream wedding, trying to lose 40kg AND I was in the start-up phase of my hand-made cosmetic business; making batches, marketing, learning all the things and staying up late every night. Things were BUSY. We lived in a tiny home that we were bursting out of the seams of. We had a studio space I could have been using for work, but we had filled it with junk up to our necks. I was constantly drowning in laundry & my to-do list never ended. I think I ended every second day in tears, feeling like a total failure.

Then one day I stumbled across de-cluttering and my minimalism journey began. In the months before my wedding I went room by room, evaluating our belongings. Once we returned from our honeymoon we tackled the studio space and I was able to move my business into the room I had created! Since then I have de-cluttered several more times, read every book I could find on de-cluttering and have formulated my own system of questions to de-clutter the most efficient way the first time! But the most important key I discovered was the mindset that is so important to de-cluttering. De-cluttering & organising strategies are great, but if your mindset is off it is going to feel like a never-ending battle as you sabotage your hard work.

Introducing the 60 Day De-cluttering Mastermind - Begins 8th May!!

This LIVE, fast-paced mastermind will create huge change in your home,

routines, and the way you spend your time.

Guided Mastermind

This 60 day program will walk you step-by-step through the fundamental aspects of de-cluttering


Beginner Level

Perfect for women who are ready to jump right in to de-cluttering, but have no idea where to start!

Built-in Modules and Lessons

Weekly actionable modules. Audio recordings, video & PDF cheat sheets.


Key mindset tools to help you create lasting change – the most important & unique part of the mastermind!

LIVE Calls

Weekly LIVE group calls where you can have all your questions answered. The live calls will be recorded for replay too!

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the online community & any updates to the modules.

Supportive Community

Ongoing group support in an exclusive Facebook community where you can share your frustrations & breakthroughs with other women on your journey.

VIP Level

Join the VIP level, with 2 one-on-one coaching calls during the LIVE round.


Starting Soon

This round kicks off on Monday, 3rd of July and runs until the 31st of August.


Who is this for?


A mastermind for women entrepreneurs, Mums, working women who want a home they can pick up and clean in less than 30 minutes a day!


You are looking for change & willing to put in the work necessary! This is an intensive program, designed to overhaul as much of your home as possible!


You are looking for a better way to live, and want more time to spend with your family.


You are so overwhelmed that we would rather burn the house to the ground than have to spend another week cleaning up the same ol’ crap over and over again!


You want time to yourself again! Bubble baths, date nights, magazines…do you remember enjoying those guilt-free?


You want the space to focus on your work.


Women willing to look at their life and make a sacrifice & time commitment to get started, so you can reap the rewards later!


You are willing to let go of what is no longer serving you – guilt, limiting beliefs AND physical clutter.


Women with empathy; our community is kind & non-judgemental.


This isn't for...


Those looking for a magic bullet – big results will require work up front.


Blamers –  things are only going to change if you do, and the only way to get results out is if you put the consistent effort in.


Women who want to stay busy!

60 Day De-cluttering Mastermind

One time payment of

$425 $297USD - offer goes away on 26th June! 

Fast-paced Mastermind: Weekly LIVE calls, supportive community & actionable modules. Make incredible progress when you commit to ACTION.

VIP Mastermind Member

One time payment of $697 $597USD - offer goes away on June 26th! 

VIP Members: Get 2 one-on-one hour long coaching calls during the live round of the mastermind! Use them for extra support, or to nail out your capsule wardrobe.